80% food 20% training – numbers plucked from thin air but the general concept is #onpoint. The simple fact, is that nutrition plays a massive role in determining how successful you will be in achieving your health and fitness goals. You can train all you want but if you eat like shit or don’t eat to support your training, you’re fucked.

Before going into further detail regarding nutrition, every single one of you should think of nutrition as the means by which you will achieve optimum body fat percentage. OPTIMUM BODY FAT PERCENTAGE (NOT WEIGHT) IS A GOAL FOR EVERYONE. Generally, for men obf% is between 8-10% and for women its between 13-16%. So why should everyone be pushing for these numbers? Because as you get closer to these ranges in obf% the closer you will get to optimal in all other bio markers and performance measures (i.e., optimal blood pressure, cholesterol levels, faster 400m run time, and the list goes on). Not only will your body perform optimally but you’ll look the way you wished you looked.

Cool. Then what should you eat?

“My friend said these shakes made her lose heaps of weight!”
“Wine has antioxidants so it’s all good for me to drink a bottle a night yeah?”
“What about fasting?”

……..F*** you Instagram.

These days nutrition has become extremely complicated as a result of the masses of bullshit on the internet. It’s now near impossible for anyone to understand or interpret what is good information and what’s not. Stick to these 3 general rules and you can’t really go wrong – it actually is that simple!




Holy shit, mind blown!!!!!

Anything that deviates away from this has an agenda… someone’s trying to sell you a program, sell you a book, sell you someone’s methodology or some stupid fucking fad diet.

Let’s break it down, in case there was any confusion.


Real food comes from the ground or had eyes. Real food will perish or rot if left on your bench for more than a couple of days. Real food is whole, single ingredient food. Real food is mostly unprocessed, free of chemical additives and rich in nutrients. Things like fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, meat and tempeh for the vegos (yes tempeh is processed but it’s a natural fermentation process resulting in an extremely high protein source). Anything else is a manmade, food-like substance created by people in lab coats with the sole purpose of making money. They make things taste extremely good by putting bad shit in them (CHEMICALS AND PRESERVATIVES), extending the shelf life and taking the majority of the nutrients out. Remember the only responsibility of anything that isn’t a whole food is to make their shareholders money rather than helping you to reach your health and fitness goals. Real food is quality. Eat only real food and get quality results.


The majority of people need to drop body fat (not weight – body fat) to get into the optimum range. To lose body fat you need to be in a calorie deficit. Calorie deficit = burning more calories than you consume = basic maths. Don’t eat too much, once again NOT COMPLICATED. Before going into any complicated macro percentage break down of your meals that will suddenly transform basic addition and subtraction to algebra and calculus, stick to these basic guidelines:

  • Eat 3-4 times per day
  • Eat a balanced plate every time you eat – palm serving protein, palm serving of starch or fruit, thumb serving of fat then load up on vegetables. SIMPLE
  • Eat as many vegetables as you want
  • No seconds
  • No snacks in between meals


Plants are the most nutrient dense foods in existence. They have the most good stuff, micro-nutrients, with the least amount of calories, as well as the least amount of sugar, so eat as much as you can.



By following the 3 basic rules to nutrition you will get extremely close to what your body needs to perform at optimum levels. However, without getting bloodwork done its essentially calculated guess work. Although not entirely necessary, blood work allows you to ‘pop the hood’ and see exactly what’s going on in your body. You should only supplement if your bloodwork reveals deficiencies. Once again there is a lot if bullshit content out there when it comes to supplements so bloodwork will allow you to save some cash on unneeded pills. Don’t supplement without knowing the reason why you’re doing it and being sure it’s something you actually need because you could do more harm than good.


Everyone loves the next big “thing”…paleo, fasting, keto etc., because we don’t believe that doing basic things the right way will get you the results. Also, the majority of people don’t have the discipline to say no to the block of chocolate or the glass of wine. They think they need some ‘magic shake’ or that next big fad diet to make eating that chocolate acceptable. Don’t be an idiot, stick to these basic rules and watch your body and performance move to where it needs to be.


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